Custom Print Design Requirements

Custom Print information

Our custom print facilities are open Monday - Friday.

Most custom print orders are printed and shipped within 48 -72 hours.

Uploading your own design on a product.

You maintain the rights to any designs you upload at Rad Randy.They won't be used on any products other than the products you design, print and order.

Colors may look different on the printed item than they appear on your monitor. This may be due to different reasons:

  • To print pixel designs, we need to render the color scheme from RGB to CMYK and make color corrections if necessary. This may lead to slight color variations.
  • Every screen displays colors differently. A combination of brightness, contrast, and saturation can change color effects significantly.

Legal Guidelines for Designs

  • We will not print unofficial merchandise.
  • We will not print names, logos, pictures, or other intellectual property of musical groups or musical artists.
  • We will not print names, logos, pictures, or other intellectual property of sports teams, colleges/universities, clubs, or organizations such as Boston Red Sox, Girl Scouts of America, or Princeton University.
  • We will not print characters, images, actors, or likenesses from cartoon networks, comic books, video games, movies, and television shows.
  • We will not print trademarks, names, or logos for companies. For example, you cannot use the name Coca-Cola, Coke, “It’s the Real Thing”, or the design from the cans.
  • We will not print photos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting a celebrity. Taking a picture of a celebrity does not give you the right to use the photo on shirts, even if you alter the photo digitally. Personal rights are still owned even if the person is no longer alive.

Requirements for Pixel Designs

  • PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF file format.
  • Maximum file size 10 MB.
  • Image resolution at least 200 dpi for apparel.
  • Image resolution at least 400 dpi for non-apparel.
  • Maximum size 4000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Minimum size 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • Design is isolated.

Requirements for Poster Designs

Posters can only be printed if the following requirements are met:

  • Portrait (2:3 / 3:4), landscape (3:2 / 4:3) or square (1:1) format.
  • Resolution: 200 dpi minimum.
  • Minimum size:
    • Portrait: 4724 × 7087 px.
    • Landscape: 7087 × 4724 px.
    • Square: 4724 × 4724 px.
  • File formats: JPG, PNG.
  • Size limit: 100 MB.
  • Color profile: RGB or CMYK.
  • White design elements will not show up on the white poster backgrounds, you cannot print white designs.
  • Additional 2 mm margin on all sides (to avoid clipping).